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PTV Home or PTV is Pakistan Television Corporation's leader station and the most widely accessible terrestrial TV slot in Pakistan and worldwide through satellite. It is an Urdu Language TV station which was started on November 26 1961. The Head quarter of the channel is in Islamabad. The Channel is owned and run by Pakistan Television Corporation. The channel has the biggest national viewership base in the nation. The content of the terrestrial and satellite stations is diverse; for instance, terrestrial programming includes live broadcasts of Pakistan's cricket matches and other games, but the satellite station can't show these programs.

PTV Home Official Website:
Title: PTV Home Official Website
Description: Pakistan entered into Television Broadcasting age with a small pilot TV Station established at Lahore from where transmission was first beamed in Black & White with effect from 26 November 1964. Television centres were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967 and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974.

The thought of building a media and TV industry was considered in late 1958 by the privately set-up national education commission, with the backing of then-President Field Marshal Ayub Khan. In 1961, the private srctor media head honcho and industrialist Syed Wajid Ali propelled a TV modern improvement project, and accumulated electrical engineer Ubaidur Rahman of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) as the project director of the first TV programme. In 1961 Ali made a private TV broadcasting organization with the participation of Nippon Electric Company (NEC) of Japan and Thomas Television International of Great Britain. In 1963, at a public meeting led by President Ayub Khan the government decided to launch a TV industry in the country. Since 1963, its central command have been found in Islamabad, close to the Cabinet Secretariat. From 1961–62, a TV home office was secured in Lahore, and Rahman's group made a few pilot transmission tests, while numerous TV divisions were created all through Pakistan, including East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

The sister channels of PTV are PTV News, PTV sports, PTV National, PTV Global, PTV Bolan and AJK TV. PTV Homes Live Streaming is available at for Dramas, News and Entertainment Shows. The Programs on air are lagay na jiya, moom, morning with jugan and TUC the lighter side of life. You can visit PTV Home Facebook Page at Ptv home twitter page is:
PTV Home can be seen using tv antenna all over Pakistan while those who want to see it on dish antenna, they should contact tune it as follows:
Satellite: Paksat 1R
PTV Home Frequency: 4003 V, SR FEC: 40700

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